Come Sail Away with Me

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

On crossing the imaginary line drawn from Punta Mala to Azuera the ships from Europe bound to Sulaco lose at once the strong breezes of the ocean. They become the prey of capricious airs that play with them for thirty hours at a stretch sometimes. Before them the head of the calm gulf is filled on most days of the year by a great body of motionless and opaque clouds. On the rare clear mornings another shadow is cast upon the sweep of the gulf.

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The dawn breaks high behind the towering and serrated wall of the Cordillera, a clear-cut vision of dark peaks rearing their steep slopes on a lofty pedestal of forest rising from the very edge of the shore. Amongst them the white head of Higuerota rises majestically upon the blue. Bare clusters of enormous rocks sprinkle with tiny black dots the smooth dome of snow.

Then, as the midday sun withdraws from the gulf the shadow of the mountains, the clouds begin to roll out of the lower valleys. They swathe in sombre tatters the naked crags of precipices above the wooded slopes, hide the peaks, smoke in stormy trails across the snows of Higuerota. The Cordillera is gone from you as if it had dissolved itself into great piles of grey and black vapours that travel out slowly to seaward and vanish into thin air all along the front before the blazing heat of the day. The wasting edge of the cloud-bank always strives for, but seldom wins, the middle of the gulf. The sun—as the sailors say—is eating it up. Unless perchance a sombre thunder-head breaks away from the main body to career all over the gulf till it escapes into the offing beyond Azuera, where it bursts suddenly into flame and crashes like a sinster pirate-ship of the air, hove-to above the horizon, engaging the sea.

Indeed, these cloudy nights are proverbial with the seamen along the whole west coast of a great continent.

At night the body of clouds advancing higher up the sky smothers the whole quiet gulf below with an impenetrable darkness, in which the sound of the falling showers can be heard beginning and ceasing abruptly—now here, now there. Indeed, these cloudy nights are proverbial with the seamen along the whole west coast of a great continent. Sky, land, and sea disappear together out of the world when the Placido—as the saying is—goes to sleep under its black poncho. The few stars left below the seaward frown of the vault shine feebly as into the mouth of a black cavern. In its vastness your ship floats unseen under your feet, her sails flutter invisible above your head. The eye of God Himself—they add with grim profanity—could not find out what work a man’s hand is doing in there; and you would be free to call the devil to your aid with impunity if even his malice were not defeated by such a blind darkness.

Learning from ‘Ramayana’

There’s a story related to the quotes above from world’s most prominent epic,’The Ramayana’.  

During the last breath of Learned demon Ravana God Rama said,Lakshman go & learn something from him, Lakshman went near by his head,first he scolded Lakshman then said , to learn something from anyone’s first give respect to them & said to go to near to his feet.   He Said Lakhman; remember one thing in your life Whenever your mind is giving you good  ideas, good thoughts, good opportunities don’t wait and think, just work on it ,may be the chance may slip later!!

And if it’s giving you Worse level of ideas thoughts,emotions just delay it,try to procrastinate it, postpone it; may be it faded from your mind later & you escape yourself from doing wrongful act.

He shared his Own Experience to Lakshman said; I decided to built the stairs to heaven with my superpower but I delayed it . And planned to kidnapped the ‘jagad janani ‘Mother Sita‘ and acted instantly.

That’s a Big Moral here to learn, From the World renowned Epic ‘The Ramayana’.


Unstoppable Forever”

Life is like a Marathon not a Sprint Run, you have to walk here till the Last breath. It doesn’t matter how far you go in your life ,what fame u gain but to Show your presence first is that you must have to walk/crawl to show your Presence .

Those who does something unique they are not super human they have control over their each and every action & So they act wisely towards their Goal and Achieve one by One.

What is the learning here is ; Whatever will be the situation,we are not going to stop ourselves,we will keep moving towards our decided Goal and Win big and become UNSTOPPABLE ✨

Mental Healing

What is that heals? Where is this healing power,and how can it be put to practical use? These are vital questions of deep concern to all of us. To all of them, the answer is the same: This healing power is in the subconscious mind of every person, and a changed mental attitude on the part of the sick person release this healing power.

The process of alleviating or attempting to alleviate mental or physical illness through the power of the mind’, is known as mental Healing.

As we have already seen, there are many different ways we can use to remove the mental, emotional, and physical blocks that inhibit the flow of the healing life principle animating all of us. The healing principle resident in your mind can and will,if properly directed by you or someone heal your mind and body of all disease.

Transform Yourself”

There are various methods and way of mental Healing using which we can transform our day to day life to become the best version of ourselves. Some of them are mentione here:

1. The VisualisatioMethod                                          2. Mental-Movie Method                                              3. The BaudoinTechnique                                            4. The Sleeping Technique                                           5. The “Thank you” Technique                                    6. The AffirmativeMethod                                            7. TheArgumentativeMethod                                      8. The Decree Method

Using these above given method anyone can transform their own life & became the Best Version of their own . I’m Going to discuss one of the , ‘The Visualisation Method‘ here , if u wish to read about each & every one, mail me at ( mishranaman0914@gmail.com) I’ll provide you the complete guidance .

The Visualisation Method:                                                       The Easiest and most obvious way to formulate an idea is to visualise it, to see it in your mind’s eye as vividly ad if it were alive.

Have you ever wondered what Olympic athletes think about right before they compete? Imagine this for a moment: they’re in front of thousands, or even millions, of people. They’re feeling nervous, watching their competition, and considering all the things that might go wrong and how to avoid them.          

Sounds reasonable, right? After all, that’s probably what we would do in their position. But well-trained athletes know that they should never visualize mistakes, especially right before a competition. Why? Because picturing, or visualizing, mistakes – imagining poor performance – increases the likelihood that the athletes will actually do those things during the event, even when they don’t mean to.

Instead, most top athletes are trained to visualize their goals right before a competition. They see themselves winning the game, running the fastest race, or scoring the winning point. They’re trained to “picture” what they want to happen, instead of what they don’t want to happen. When they do this, their chances for success increase dramatically.

This is the power of visualization – and you, too, can use this technique every day to help you achieve your goals and dreams. In this article, we outline what visualization is, and how you can start using it in your life.

How to Use Visualization to Achieve Your Goals:
The great thing about visualization is that you can use it in so many areas of your life. Do you want a promotion? Do you want to make more friends at the office? Do you want to start your own business?

Visualization can help you in all of these areas. This is why so many highly effective people use the technique to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

Follow these steps to start visualizing your goals.

1. Decide What You Want
What do you want to focus on? Pick one dream or goal to start visualizing. For example, visualize a successful outcome of the presentation you’re going to give next week.

2. Picture the Scene
Start imagining the exact scene. Don’t be vague or unclear – the more specific you are, and the more details you imagine, the better the visualization will work for you.

Picture the scene as if you were there. What color are the walls? What are you wearing? Who is in the room with you?

Make sure you use all of your senses in the visualization exercise. Sight, sound, taste, smell, touch – include them all so that you really bring your vision to life.

In our example, imagine yourself standing in front of the group. Picture each team member’s face, and what each person is wearing. Hear the sound of papers being moved around, the smell of fresh coffee, the sight of sunshine coming in through the office windows.              

     Also, imagine what you’re feeling and experiencing. You’re confident and excited about the presentation you’re about to give. You know that your team members will enjoy what you have to say, and will find value in the information you share with them. You’re really looking forward to getting started.

Key Points:
Visualization is a useful technique that helps you reach your goals and live your dreams. It works by getting your mind and body ready for what you want to happen – and, just like exercise, the more you do it, the stronger it becomes.
Aim: to practice your visualization exercises daily in a quiet place, and make sure your visualizations are as detailed as possible. Remember – always focus on what you want to happen, not on what you don’t want to happen.

Affirmation techniques

What are affirmation?

Affirmations can be really powerful, and they are also easy to use. When you begin to form thoughts and repeat similar things again and again, you start believing in the ideas. Many people use this in a negative way without even knowing it, but these affirmations can also be used for good.

For example, if you keep telling your mind emphatically – “I am confident” – repeatedly, you will get the message. From here, the wheels of the mind will be set into motion so that you definitely become more confident. This is a basic affirmation, and you can.

The strength of words is amazing, and everything in our lives is described by them. If we can create our own narrative, and make sure that we are using our mind to be positive, we will be in a much better position.

Using a short, powerful and positive statement to influence our behaviors and habits is the basis of an affirmation. We can use these affirmations to create our thinking patterns, and repel negative thoughts.

Practice These Positive Affirmations in your day to day Life .

Apply these Affirmations in your Life you will surely Rock on ✌️✨🌠


Having a Problems in life doesn’t mean our life is Going to be Worse than before, In fact by Solving problems we Feels rejoice and confident.

In the book The subtle Art of not Giving a Fuck,author Mark Mansion have Discussed about the problem; they said if there are problems in front of us and we think skipping it , we also get problem again. We can’t kept aside a problem, the only way to dealt with problems is; solve it .

Mere skipping the problem we have we will get stress and panic only , skipping problem is also a problem in itself .

Life is not easy in any aspects,it’s full of varities of problems,panic,stress, workloads etc which comes in sequence, one after another.

Peoples should not be stuck in illusion of panic of problems e.g. I’m a worst person, problems always comes to me, god is not helping me, I’m unable to solve this type of problem.

We always makes such type of excuses and avoid the problem.

Kept in your mind that skipping a problem or ignoring a problem in front of you is not going to feel you happy or satisfied anymore.

Always enjoy the process of solving the problems instead of worrying about it that’s a true meaning of successful life . People with massive success and growth have the same mindset from the very beginning of their life. They knew the tactics of enjoying the process of problem solving insted of avoiding and ignoring. So they becomes calibre of solving any type of problem in their plates and overcome the toughest situation. While most of the people blames their luck and other factors for problem which are coming in their life.

Always try to Dealt with the problems to you in Such a Way that; it’s an opportunity & it will never come again ,Solve it Now. Try to Enjoy the Process Always Except Focusing on the problem merely.

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